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LCD Screen Repairs On Laptops

Is the LCD display on your laptop malfunctioning? Are you finding the monitor quality degrading? If you have started to experience issues with your LCD monitor, I highly encourage that you read every last word in this article. In this article, you will learn what you need to do to fix your LCD screen within the fastest as well as the most economic way possible.

Seen as there was no other viable alternatives in the past, a lot of people had to buy a new LCD screen in case the screen on their laptop failed. The LCD monitor repair shops wasn't really accessible and the expenses of repair weren't worthwhile.

During the repair the LCD panel along with the battery was required to be replaced. This led to most people deciding to buy a new Laptop instead of fixing an existing model.

When considering a laptop LCD monitor, a number of problems which can be fixed and there are some others which can't be repaired. If you see vertical lines or bad pixels on your screen, the only option is to change the LCP panel. If you experience problems such as black screens, flickering and dimness, it's not necessary to replace the panel. It's only a simple maintenance process.

Before you mess with your laptop, ensure that it's out of warranty. Never mess with your laptop by opening it when it is still in warranty. If some circuit in the laptop fails due to the fact that you failed to follow the necessary precautions, you won't be able to get it replaced. So be certain that the unit is well out of warranty before trying something.

Here's how to take apart your laptop and discover the cause of the issue.

1. Turn it off

Shut down your laptop fully and wait for a couple of minutes. It is important for the laptop to cool down before you start messing with it. Ensure that you disconnect the AC power cord from your laptop.

When the AC power cord is disconnected, remove the battery from its dock (that is under your laptop). I encourage you to put on an anti-static wrist strap prior to dismantling any device whether it is your laptop or desktop computer.

2. Remove plastic frame

You will find a plastic frame referred to as bezel that keeps your screen in place. You need to pull away this plastic frame by removing the screws that hold it. In some models, you might need to dislodge certain rubber seals before dismantling the screws (which are underneath the seals). Make sure that you read your product's manual thoroughly ahead of dismantling it.

3. Examine the cable connections

Once you have successfully pulled the frame away, the cable connections must be examined. The monitor has primarily 2 connections:

- A connection to the inverter board through a power cable

- A link to the mother board via a video cable

These cables must be disconnected and reconnected. After connecting them, switch your screen on.

Should you have the same problem, you might need to swap the screen it's connected to. This step generally fix most of the minor problems. To know more details about Lcd Laptop and Lcd Screens, visit our website.


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